A Little About Me

I am a 37-year-old Wife, Momma, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Teacher, Church-Planter, Leader and now Blogger. I am a wife who is crazy in love with my Drew, we are approaching 12 years of marriage and it truly does just get better and better! I have two of the most amazing kids ever that are 7 and 9.

I am a typical Momma and lady in my mid 30’s, I deal with: Mom-Guilt, I fight comparison battles with others, and constantly wonder if I’m doing all of my ‘titles’ right. So, this blog is in NO way to write about how I’ve got it all together, rather to share insights that my heart wants to burst with at times.

I am a dreamer and a risk taker, I seldom fear FAILING, but rather fear missing an opportunity and blogging is a risk that I have always wanted to take. The risk is to be vulnerable and to share glimpses of my heart to others and the fear is, of being judged. However, it’s just not in me to let those things hold me back – so welcome to my blogging world!